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  1. Exhibitors must be financial members of the Canterbury Patchwork and Quilting Guild at the time of entry.
  2. No article shall be exhibited more than once at a Canterbury Patchwork and Quilting Guild exhibition. Any item previously shown in Canterbury is not eligible for the exhibition. (This does not include quilts shown at “show and tell” at CPQG meetings.)
  3. All quilts/wall hangings must have hook side velcro of a width appropriate to the size of the quilt securely stitched to the back. This may be stitched to a fabric sleeve and then attached to the quilt. The fluffy side of the Velcro should be named clearly with the title of the quilt and name of maker and pressed to the hook side to protect other pieces it may come in contact with.
  4. All items to be clearly labelled with name, title and sale price or NFS stitched securely to a bottom corner at the back of the work.
  5. Each entry is to be submitted in a separate named bag, preferably fabric. Any other item of packaging used e.g. cardboard rolls or boxes, must also be clearly labelled.
  6. Each entry requires a separate entry form. Photocopy as necessary for additional entries. Please ensure that you completely fill in all three sections of the entry form. Entry forms to be posted to PO Box 130119, Armagh, CHCH 8141, marked “Exhibition”, to arrive by Friday 18th September. Or hand in at a meeting.
  7. DELIVERY: quilts will be accepted at Papanui High School Hall on Sunday 4TH October, between 2pm and 4pm.
  8. COLLECTION: quilts will be available for collection from Papanui High School Hall on Sunday 11th October between 5.00pm and 6.00pm. NO QUILTS WILL BE RELEASED BEFORE 5.00PM.
  9. Insurance is the responsibility of the owner of the quilt. Canterbury Patchwork and Quilting Guild Inc. accepts no liability for quilts lost or damaged.
  10. Display of any entry is at the discretion of the committee, and awarding of prizes is the sole decision of the judges. 


The 2020 Exhibition will be held from Wednesday 7th October to Sunday 11th October, at the Papanui High School Hall. Opening times are 10am to 4pm each day.


  • Any quilted item is eligible for entry - bags, bowls, boxes, items of clothing etc.
  • Please indicate on the entry form whether the quilt or item is made by you individually, or by a group, (e.g. Friendship groups or CPQG Block of the month), a kit, or if it is a commercial Block of the month, with the pattern and fabric supplied. You must acknowledge your design source on the entry form.
  • You also need to state if you have had someone quilt the piece for you, whether this was on a longarm machine, by hand or on a domestic machine. There is a separate section for professionally quilted pieces which are only eligible for the professionally quilted award. 
  • There is a section for novice quilters - the committee has defined this as someone who has been quilting
    for three years or less. 
  • For “Nothing New”, recycled quilts should be all recycled materials apart from batting and thread.
  • A list of all awards can be found at the end of these notes.

Print or photocopy as many copies as you need. You must submit a separate entry form with each item, including challenge quilts. Please fill in all three sections of the form. Entry forms must be posted to the Guild, PO Box 130119, Armagh, ChCh 8141, marked “Exhibition”, to arrive by Friday 18th September.

Click here to download the entry form.

PACKAGING YOUR ENTRY: One bag for each entry (this can be as simple as a pillowcase). Please do not put several items in one bag, and do not use sheets to wrap quilts as they will not be accepted. Label the quilt in one of the lower back corners, and label the bag really clearly with your name, and the name of the quilt to which it belongs. This ensures ease of handling by the exhibition crew, and the best possible handling of your quilt.

DROPPING OFF QUILTS: Drop off your quilts at Papanui High School Hall on Sunday 4th October between 2pm and 4pm. If you are unable to make this time, please arrange for a friend to drop off your quilts for you. We will not accept quilts outside this time.

COLLECTING QUILTS: Collect your quilts from Papanui High School Hall on Sunday 11th October from 5.00pm to 6.00pm. NO QUILTS WILL BE RELEASED BEFORE THIS TIME. If you are unable to make this, please arrange for a friend to
collect them for you. You, or your designated collector, will have to sign for your quilt.

INSURANCE: Insuring your quilts is your responsibility. Most Home Contents Insurance Policies will cover your quilts, but you should contact your insurance agent to confirm.

OPENING: The opening of the exhibition will be held on Tuesday 6th October, doors open at 7.30pm, until 9pm. Your spouse/partner or a friend is invited to Papanui High School Hall for the opening and announcement of prizewinners. We need to have confirmed numbers attending by the September 18th Thursday meeting. If you are planning to attend, please indicate numbers on the membership list at either CPQG meetings in September. If you cannot attend either of these meetings, please RSVP to by the end of September.

RAFFLES: We will have three raffles at the door. There will be two raffle quilts – one applique and hand-quilted, the other pieced and machine-quilted. There will be a gourmet basket raffle - donations for the baskets may be brought to CPQG meetings. Please check expiry dates on all food items – they should be December 2020 or later.



Factors to be taken into account when making awards

  • Overall impact
  • Use of colour
  • Originality
  • High standard of workmanship (by individual members)


  • Founders Award: Given in honour of our two founder members, Betty Glanville and Edna Butcher. 
    Betty Glanville Award for Hand Quilting: Given for excellence in traditional fine hand quilting 
    Edna Butcher Award for Small Piecing: Pieces must be no larger than 1 inch, (excluding borders).
  • Best Art Quilt Quilt: with strong visual impact, designed to be displayed as artwork and communicate an idea, emotion or concept through the medium of textile and stitch.
  • Best Applique: Demonstrating a well-executed technique appropriate to the design and projected end use.
  • Judge’s Awards x 3: One award per judge based on personal choice
  • 2020 Challenge First and Second: Quilt must fit size and published criteria to be eligible
  • Not Quite a Quilt: For bags, boxes, 3D items etc
  • Nothing New: A quilt made from recycled materials (except batting and thread)
  • Novice Quilter: Quilting for 3 years or less, with this noted on entry form
  • Merit Award for Best Machine Quilting: Quilting is an appropriate & textural enhancement of the design
  • Merit Award for an item Professionally Quilted: Any item made by a CPQG member which has been professionally quilted.
  • Merit Awards: (up to 3 at judges’ discretion) For quilts deemed to be deserving of a Merit after consultation between the judges, or as runner-up to any of the above awards.
  • Best in Show: High degree of originality, excellent workmanship, maximum impact.
  • Viewer’s Choice: Awarded after exhibition closes from votes during exhibition